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Who We Are

For more than 43 years, PICKERING has been a leader in Employee Benefits, 401 K, Captive Insurance, Compliance, HR Management and more. We are a one-stop marketplace providing you with personalized tools and hands-on support. Since 1980, we’ve guided clients just like you to superior insurance solutions. From individuals to mid-sized companies, our goal is to help you find the optimal balance between coverage, benefit and savings.

“You assisted us in a strategic benefit analysis, which has saved us thousands of dollars and eased the administration of our overall employee benefit programs. We sincerely appreciate your thoroughness and attention to detail. We know that the employees at Hollandia Dairy & their families are going to be taken care of as a result of your conscientious focus on our benefits...”

- Lee Hodge, Manager / Hollandia Dairy

Corporate Insurance & Benefts Solutions

Your business goals are in Plain Sight. The details and potential pitfalls of your company insurance, benefit and wellness programs may not be as clear. Pickering Insurance can help you Visualize the possibilities, from group health and profit sharing plans to prepaid legal, compliance, HRsolutions and more.

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The employees in Norfolk, Carlsbad, and Richmond appreciate having three Spanish speaking staff members to work with them, our Spanish employees, and their families. This service has proved to be invaluable. Your expertise in the implementation of both our 401k and voluntary benefits plans has enhanced these employee benefits considerably. As well, your tough negotiating skills with the insurance carriers have not gone unnoticed, and is truly remarkable...”

- Michael Harrison, Executive Vice President / C.O.O. /
Vanguard Industries, Inc.

Individual Health Insurance Policies

The complexity of healthcare reform is overwhelming. Our goal is to help you See Through the forest of regulations and Discover whats right for you. Whether you have your Eye on savings for the present, security for the future or something in between, we can offer peace of mind with an array of affordable options.

With our partner QuotIt quote engine, you’re assured of

Guaranteed rates and side-by-side plan comparisons

"Most reliable, friendly, and committed Brokerage Team I've ever worked with.

Thank you to everyone at Pickering Insurance for more than 20 years of reliable, dependable, and thoughtful service. You have delivered on each and every promise, exceeded expectations, and never faltered in your commitment to guide us.

When looking for a broker, you hope to find a team that wants to partner with your business and truly understand your constantly changing needs. I have found that your team always delivers.”

- Dave Leaty, Director of Finance & Administration / Falmat, Inc.

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