Corporate Services

Pickering Insurance Services, Inc. combines years of experience with leading-edge products to provide exceptional service and value to our customers. We provide a full range of Brokerage and Consulting Services including employee benefits, and financial and retirement. Headquartered in California, we think globally but act locally, with personal services designed specifically for each individual client. Randy G. Pickering shares information and resources with national networks of brokers to ensure we can meet your every need, and find answers to your questions quickly and efficiently.

Our Process

Evaluate – Our Management Team will meet with you and your Team to determine the right path to meet your company’s budget, benefit levels and corporate culture.

Market – We will use our expertise and industry relationships to extensively survey all markets – Self-Funding, Fully Insured, Exchanges and any other viable market to provide you and your company with many quality options.

Enrollment – Once the decision is made on your Employee Benefit Package, our firm will provide communication materials such as posters, payroll stuffers, emails and notifications to your employee population announcing their Benefit Package. Pickering Insurance will provide either electronic support for enrollment or an “in-person” Enrollment Team.

On-Going Support – Once your employees are enrolled, our Customer Service Department is second to none! We provide support and resolutions for any scenario that may arise. Pickering Insurance Services’ Customer Service Team interacts directly with insurance companies, doctors, hospitals and pharmacies, on your employee’s behalf to resolve problems.