Corporate Services



MyWavePortal® – We offer our clients access to a client portal which is a Web tool that allows you to receive information from our agency online, participate in Employee Benefit surveys to find out how you compare to others from around the country, and easily connect with a nationwide network of peers in your industry.

ThinkHR® – ThinkHR provides on-the-spot expert hr advice and answers to businesses and hr professionals through its national hr hotline and hr answers portals.  ThinkHR enables companies to realize significant savings in both time and costs, especially compared to having to use expensive attorneys or consultants to answer HR-related questions.

ThinkHR Live – When you have tough HR questions, where can you go? Your lawyer? Consultants? The Web? These options cost too much or leave you with incomplete answers. HR databases help greatly but can only go so far – with complex questions, there is no substitute for talking to a Human Resources expert. ThinkHR Live gives you more, with a comprehensive solution including everything you need to establish and maintain HR compliance within your business.