Individual Services

Individual Health Benefits & Coverage

Life Insurance

Let us help you select the best life insurance coverage for your needs, and show you how we can save you money over time with your policy. In addition to a trained staff dedicated to leading you through the benefits of and differences between term life, permanent life, key man coverage, cross purchase life and more, this website offers a term life quoting engine for your convenience.


Secure your future with an established authority on individual retirement accounts. We learn your particular profile, status and needs to work together with you to create the optimum personal plan at the lowest cost possible.


Pickering Insurance Services has a portfolio of variable, fixed and indexed annuities. When you are ready to take steps toward securing an income after retirement, we will collaborate with you to implement a plan that provides you with the optimum result.

Tax Deferred (Section 529) Education Plans

Set aside the income needed for a beneficiary’s higher education without losing it to taxes. Pickering provides a wide variety of options for your tax-deferred college savings, and helps you decide which choice is right for you.

Disability Protection

Disability income protection may be the most important coverage an individual can acquire. Don’t overlook the need to provide security for the thing that most maintains your quality of life: YOU. Let us partner with you to find the right type and amount of benefit.

Stocks & Mutual Funds

As a Registered Investment Advisor through Pro Equities, Pickering Insurance President and Employee Benefit Broker Randy G. Pickering can access many investment plans and products to meet any individual need. Allow us to help pave the way for your financial future today.